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About Community Assessment & Treatment
CATS manages numerous programs targeted to a variety of specific populations. We offer multiple levels of care ranging from outpatient to residential services. CATS currently has two site locations where clients may receive services. At CATS main site on Broadway Avenue we serve clients in the following programs: The Cognitive Changes / Therapeutic Community, which provides four to six months of residential treatment to men. The Men's Residential Treatment Program, which provides treatm...


Community Assessment & Treatment Services was founded by Roxanne Wallace and Dan Cratcha in 1990 with a staff of 3 people and 1 program. Today, CATS has grown to employ over 100 individuals and offers multiple programs to serve the needs of individuals and the community. Community Assessment & Treatment Services continues to grow in an ever changing, challenging  environment. The following is a list of high points and advancements in the delivery of treatment services. 19...