In-Kind Donations

holiday_clothing_drive_400x275In-kind donations of products and services help CATS achieve our mission by reducing the costs of operations and offsetting other expenditures. You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your gifts and efforts have found a good home and make a real difference in our community.

If you are an organization:

To coordinate an in-kind fundraiser, such as a school supply drive or clothing drive, or to make a large in-kind donation such as advertising/media placement or consulting services, please contact us and we will gladly help connect you to the right people, programs and agencies in our community.

Community Assessment & Treatment Services is a 501(c)3 organization. The IRS grants this coveted status upon organizations who meet specific legal requirements and operate under strict conditions with the goal of providing a public benefit. The 501(c)3 status makes CATS exempt from paying federal taxes and allows any donations to be a tax deduction for the donor!

Consider an endowment or trust fund to help the Community Assessment & Treatment Services remain a viable organization. Your accountant can arrange this and provide all the details. Thanks in advance for considering this option.

All in-kind gifts are tax deductible. Your tax professional can advise you how best to claim these deductions.

If you wish to donate in this manner, please contact:

CATS’ Director of Development

(216) 441-0200 ext. 111

Currently, we are in need of the following items:

  • Office furniture
  • IT equipment