Position Title: Assistant, Quality Improvement

Status: 1 Full-Time position available

Description: Responsible for providing clerical and support services to the CQI Department.

Skills and Knowledge Required: 

·                     Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision

·                     Consistent, timely and accurate record-keeping, documentation, and data entry.

·                     Demonstrated ability to operate all standard office machinery and equipment used in the performance of agency business.

·                     Ability to create statistical graphs and reports

·                     Meticulous attention to detail in all areas of job performance

·                     Moderate to Advanced Computer skills

·                     Understanding and detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs

·                     Has moderate understanding of how to use Excel

·                     Use of Modern Windows Operating systems (windows 7 and windows 10)

·                     Ability to Multitask several projects simultaneously

Credentials/Academic Requirements: 

Associates degree/Bachelor's Degree in related field (Psychology Preferred) OR 2 years of equivalent experience

  • CARF Accreditation
    CARF Accreditation
  • ODRC Certification
    ODRC Certification
  • ACA Accreditation
    ACA Accreditation