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CATS offers men and women the help, tools, and support they need to recover from and eliminate the negative behaviors associated with alcohol/drug abuse and criminal activity.

  • If you have Medicaid you may qualify for Outpatient Services.
  • If you are involved with the criminal justice system, you may qualify for Outpatient Services or Residential Treatment Programs.
  • If you have a drug and/or alcohol problem, live in Cuyahoga County and have no medical insurance or means to pay for treatment, you may qualify for the Challenge to Change Outpatient Program.

To Access Programs and Services

For Outpatient Services, ask your Parole/Probation Officer to contact Rosemary Baker at 216-938-6829.
For Residential Services, ask your Parole/Probation Officer to contact Deborah Schon at 216-206-5207.
If you are interested in paying for any of our programs yourself, you should contact Deborah Schon at 216-206-5207.

Any questions about our programs can be directed to: Deborah Schon, Manager of Admissions
(216) 206-5207

  • CARF Accreditation
    CARF Accreditation
  • ODRC Certification
    ODRC Certification
  • ACA Accreditation
    ACA Accreditation