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You Have To Want It

Photo of Bo with his CATS graduation certificate

Meet Bo H., a recent graduate from CATS. He successfully completed a 60-day residential treatment program and is currently following it up with IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) and is also in sober living.

I spent some time talking with Bo and he was kind enough to share his story with me.

Bo was introduced to drugs and alcohol at an early age. His upbringing and family life were surrounded by drugs, alcohol, crime, poverty, and mental illness. He would witness his parents partake in drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Drugs and alcohol were a normal part of everyday life for Bo, even before he was into his teenage years. Growing up in this environment made it a fast track for Bo to start using drugs and alcohol and pursue a life of crime himself.

Eventually, Bo would do time in and out of prison. Into his adult years, he continued to struggle with drugs and alcohol. His relationships and employment suffered. His health deteriorated. His will to live was fading. He had lost his job, his health, his relationships, and a place to stay. Many of his friends were either dead or in prison as a result of drug use. He felt his life was over. He had found himself with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn.

He was eventually admitted to CATS for treatment after serving time in federal prison. This was an opportunity he did not take lightly nor for granted and ultimately accepted treatment head-on.

During his 60-day residential treatment, Bo worked extremely hard on his sobriety, mental health, physical health, and overall wellbeing. CATS assisted him the path and guidance to become the person he wants to be. Bo wanted it and worked for it, day in and day out. Bo applied himself in throughout treatment and gave CATS a real chance in order to make his life a better one.

Bo expresses his gratitude for how CATS’ staff helped him cement a new life for himself by providing genuine understanding, proper attention, and ears that listened and truly heard him. He explained how the CATS’ staff understood him and could relate to his experiences, trials, and tribulations. He felt the staff at CATS genuinely cared about his wellbeing and that of the other clients too. He couldn’t express enough his love for the staff and how they helped guide him as he worked for his newfound sobriety and goals in life.

Among the many things Bo worked on during treatment at CATS, he explained his focus on learning how to better communicate with people was a major steppingstone toward a better life. Continuing to build healthy routines has also been paramount for Bo and his sobriety and mental health.

Bo feels indebted to CATS for life for the help and treatment he has received. Bo has put in countless hours of hard work and dedication and has already begun to see the positive results. Bo told me, “When something is given to you, it’s not the same as when you work for it and see it materialize. Everything goes down the drain when you give up and go back out. It’s not worth losing everything I’ve gained and worked for.”

After his 60-day residential treatment at CATS, Bo continues treatment in IOP and is in sober living. He remains committed to everything he has learned and worked hard for in residential treatment and continues to make progress toward the life he knows he wants to live.

CATS helped Bo with many other resources alongside sobriety and mental health support. CATS helped Bo with a creating a resume, obtaining legal documents needed for employment, new clothing and shoes. Bo was also given resources on how to obtain his GED.

Bo exclaimed how sober living has been a major help to him in his path to recovery after graduating from CATS. He has been able to network with other members of sober living for further opportunities after residential treatment, including further employment opportunities and continued sober support.

Bo has worked extremely hard to get to where he is at today with the help of CATS. He says life is beautiful now. He has been able to reconnect with family and relationships that were once almost non-existent or seemingly destroyed. His communication is now strong. He feels blessed.

Photo of Bo giving back as he volunteers to paint rooms at the CATS' outpatient building in Cleveland

Bo has also given back to CATS by volunteering his time and expertise to paint the interior walls of the Outpatient building and has done an exemplary job. We are so happy and thankful to have his help for this project!

Bo left me with this: “Live in today. One day at a time. You can’t be on the fence about it. You have to want it. You have to work for it and go out and get it.”

Bo would like to give a special thanks to the staff at CATS: Mrs. Veronica, Ms. Mona, Ms. Chrissy, Ms. T.T., Mrs. Deb, Ms. Casandra, Jason Burton, Mr. Pitts, Rob, Dre, Mike, Kalani, Marlon, Sid, Dee, & Tree.

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