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CATS' Model Clients Monthly Awards & Recognition for March 2024

Some of the clients who received the model client award and party celebration

Congratulations to Larry W., Dylan O., Kevin M., Shayne M., Nicholas D., Patrick H., and Justin L., for being part of this month’s model clients!

Every month, CATS recognizes clients who are working hard on their program and who exemplify dedication to recovery. These “Model Clients” are rewarded with a celebration each month. Clients are selected by clinical staff and a client representative and are recognized for their achievements and positive modeling during their counseling sessions.

This recognition is earned through the client’s ability to stick to their treatment plan, show consistent self-improvement, and help others that may be new to the program or may be having a difficult time adjusting to the program.

The celebration kicks off with a presentation by CATS’ staff. Clients then get to discuss what they look forward to doing after the completion of their program. It’s a chance to reflect on and appreciate life in sobriety. A special lunch is provided for the awardees and clients are able to listen to music, play games, and have their photos taken with each other to remember their accomplishments and successes during treatment.

This is a wonderful way to acknowledge clients’ working hard on their recovery here at CATS. It provides a boost of motivation for them as well. Some would say getting sober might be the hardest thing a person does, but the rewards are endless. We want to let those clients know that we see them and appreciate all their hard work and accomplishments. Our goal is for our clients to build the proper foundation for a new and improved life after treatment. Recover. Reclaim. Rebuild.

Engaging in treatment is an incredible undertaking for a person. Many times, they are away from all they know, with people they likely have never met, in a place they probably have never been before, and usually during the most difficult time of their lives. But the fact that they are here means each client has the desire and potential to change their life. To them, it can be a second chance that some people never get. Do you need a second chance?

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