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Main Campus Counselor


Position Title: Counselor                  Department: Men's Residential 

Supervisor: Manager / Coordinator              Job Family: Clinical

FLSA status: Exempt                                    EEO Code: Professional

Effective Date: 1/24/19           

Duties and Responsibilities:

I.       Clinical Management

A.      Screening and Intake

1.      Assists Intake Coordinator with screens for new clients to determine client appropriateness for admission to the program and conducts intake interviews of new clients admitted to the program

B.      New Client Orientation

1.      Assists Intake Coordinator with orientation sessions with clients newly admitted to the program to ensure that all clients understand and acknowledge all program rules, regulations and expectations

C.     Assessment

1.      Conducts CIAI-C assessment interviews with new clients and prepares psychosocial histories

2.      Identifies client presenting problems in preparation for treatment plan development

D.     Treatment Planning and Implementation

1.      Develops initial and individualized treatment plans which  address client presenting problems

2.      Develops targeted behavioral goals and appropriate treatment modalities

3.      Specifies target dates for attaining stated treatment objectives

4.      Monitors, evaluates and documents client progress toward attaining treatment goals, and revises treatment plans as needed to enhance client outcomes

5.      Maintains case documentation in confidential files

6.      Follows standardized operating procedures and practices for service delivery that ensure client confidentiality, timely and appropriate care, and quality client outcomes

E.      Counseling Services

1.      Provides individual and group counseling services to clients and their families

2.      Provides crisis intervention services to clients

3.      Functions as part of a treatment team to ensure that client needs are being systematically and comprehensively addressed

F.      Discharge Planning

1.      Prepares client discharge summaries and aftercare plans

2.    Makes referrals to other organizations or providers at the time of case closing, if appropriate during active treatment and / or at the time of case closings

H.       Case management

1. Assists case managers in scheduling events, activities, and appointments for clients when needed.

II.            Quality Assurance and Improvement

a.    Maintains complete, legible, and timely documentation of client progress

b.    Participates in Continuous Quality Improvement activities as stipulated in   the agency Continuous Quality Improvement Plan

c.     Works with data entry in order to ensure organized, complete and filed charts.

III.           Other

a.    Attends all mandatory meetings and training sessions

b.    Completes all training requirements

c.     All other duties as assigned


Skills and Knowledge Required:

•     Knowledge of core program services

•     Broad clinical/problem assessment skills with specialization in alcohol and other drug assessment and intervention

•     Knowledge of individual counseling and group facilitation techniques

•     Crisis intervention skills

•     Knowledge of community-based resources and accessing insurance benefits

•     Excellent written and verbal communications skills

•     Computer literacy beneficial


Credentials / Academic Requirements:

•     Bachelors degree in a human services related discipline or comparable job experience

·          Minimum of two (2) years work experience in counseling or social work settings

·          LSW or LPC with Chemical Dependency focus

•     Must possess either Chemical Dependency Counselor certification or be registered with the Ohio Credentialing Board as a candidate for CDC certification

  • CARF Accreditation
    CARF Accreditation
  • ODRC Certification
    ODRC Certification
  • ACA Accreditation
    ACA Accreditation